Gap Year - Costa Rica / Caribbean - 2019-2020

Opportunity Overview

Learn to slow down and embrace the Caribbean way of life on this 9-month Gap Year mission trip. As you live and serve in four very different cultures (as part of a 3-month and 6-month IMMERSION term), you’ll be challenged to take initiative, get uncomfortable, and be flexible. Whether you’re playing soccer, studying Spanish, riding motorbikes to volunteer at rural schools, grading papers, harvesting plantains, or reading the Bible with an elderly neighbor, you’ll be challenged to make your everyday life a mission field.

The first leg in the Fall begins with three weeks of intensive Spanish language training in San Jose, Costa Rica, you’ll be set up for success for the rest of your time in a small indigenous village. This foundational knowledge during the first 3-month term will serve you well later in the trip while living in Belize, but you’ll also pick up some Creole and Patois in Haiti and Jamaica. It’s a truly unique, Caribbean mission trip which will shape the picture you have of God, culture, and people forever.

This Gap Year combines 2 distinct IMMERSION terms into one, year-long experience: 3-Month Costa Rica and 6-Month Caribbean.

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